Tools Made in Italy at Global Industrie 2023

SAU will bring its Made in Italy tools to Global Industrie in Lyon. Book now an appointment with our technicians. The availability is limited.

What is the secret of the Modena Apennines’s company success in the biggest international fairs?

The praise of the best machining industries for the accuracy of its tooling.

SAU was born in Polinago, a small town in the Modena Apennines, and the determination and passion that its founder Sauro Veratti was able to instill in his team, have developed a know-how in tooling, such as to be appreciated and valued by the most important metalworking companies in Europe.

This year SAU tools will be on display at the Global Industrie 2023 in Lyon from 7 to 10 March. Hall 3 - Stand B 190.

As always, we will be ready to convey to the visitors of the French fair the same passion for precision mechanics that has allowed us to create our custom-made tools for more than 40 years.

What drives us to give the best is the satisfaction of our customers in seeing that production cycles can be optimized and get closer to the perfection that enhances the mind of the fans of machining with ingenuity and precision.

The Made in Italy in tooling is just that, the expression of intuition and attention to detail, the Italian genius: SAU.

We are waiting for you at Global Industrie 2023!

Book now an appointment with our technicians and join the SAU world.
The availability is limited.

SAU - Quality Tools Engineering since 1982


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