Tools and spindles with ISO 26623-1 connection optimize machine operation and increase productivity and turnover.

How does the continuity of machine operation affect your company’s productivity?

The time of use of the machinery during processing is a fundamental indicator to define the production capacity degree of a metalworking company.

Among the factors that determine the reduction of the time of use of the machines we can list:

  • The presetting time of the tools
  • the tools adjustment
  • the change of worn tools
  • the changes of components
While finding a solution to these needs, by increasing the speed of the machine equipment, it must also ensure:

  • quality workmanship
  • cutting efficiency
  • tool stability
  • repeatability of the tool change
How can these needs be answered?

How to increase the continuity of machine operation and increase productivity and business profits?

Optimizing the operation of the machines entails a series of improvements in equipment and choice of tools, which cannot be underestimated.

SAU technicians found the answer in the ISO 26623-1 modular quick change tool and spindle connection.

In this article we will talk about their features and advantages in their use.

Read the article to learn more.


The coupling system SAU ISO 26623-1 between tool holders and tools allows a precise and interchangeable quick change with Coromant Capto ® thanks to their special modular connection.

It is a polygonal connection or even called trilobed (three-sided) designed to meet all the needs that we have listed in the previous paragraph.


Andiamo ad approfondire insieme le caratteristiche:

  • High torque transmission (the spindle force on the tool is optimized).
  • High resistance to bending.
  • Cooling from the machine to the cutting edge through internal adduction, even at high pressure.
  • Balanced and concentric system (built in axis).
  • Modular system: the SAU assortment of spindles, extensions and reductions allows a flexibility of tooling with guarantee of precision and high rigidity.
  • Available in PSC4 - PSC5 - PSC6 measures
  • Usable on turning centers, multi-task machines and machining centers
  • Connection with rotating spindles, HSKA, ISO DIN 69871, MAS BT base adapters.



Some of the advantages of the ISO 26623-1 quick-change system can already be seen from the features.

Let’s go into more detail:

- Speed

When this system is used manually, the locking and unlocking of the device is much faster. Just apply half a turn to the drive screw to make them.


If a technician usually takes 3-4 minutes to change a tool and perform the presetting, thanks to the quick change system ISO 26623-1, it takes about 20 seconds and you do not have to make the preset.

- Repeatability

The precision of the coupling, added to the self-centering trilobed shape, guarantees a repeatability error of ± 2 µ in all three directions (x, y and z). The system self-centers, ensuring the presetting of twin tools out of the machine or if you use tool kits for batch change.

Therefore starting is faster and waste is reduced.


- Stability

The stability of the tool during machining is measured in terms of flexural strength and torque transmission.


What are the advantages of the ISO 26623-1 quick change system over these technical aspects?

  • The double contact system between conical polygonal centring (2.88°) and flange guarantees a remarkable reduction of bending moment and positioning precision of ±2 µ.

  • The polygonal or trilobed shape gives a large contact area that transmits the torque moment without keys or other systems such as plugs, screws and grains. The torsion load is evenly distributed regardless of direction, by producing a self-centring effect.

  • The segment system generates high clamping forces and takes place via camshaft, which is equipped with a self-locking angle to prevent loosening or unlocking during machining.



We have seen the features and advantages of the ISO 26623-1 modular changeover system on tool holders/tools and spindles from SAU.

Our advice is always to use this system, when you want to optimize the time of use of the machines and reduce waste.

The system is also particularly useful when there are long tools in the machine, because thanks to the reduction of the bending moment and the positioning precision, you avoid ruining them and you work safely.

The SAU experienced technicians will be able to help you to choose tools and spindles that integrate this system.

If you want to work in speed, safety and increase the productivity of your machines, do not hesitate to contact them.

SAU Team

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