Thanks to the SAU Special Tools, it is possible to carry out several operations on the same piece, without remaking the placement in the machine. Discover more.

How much does the production time affect the final cost of a piece?

How is it possible to perform several operations on the same piece, without remaking the placement in the machine?

The metalworking companies that produce in series often have the need to carry out more machining (drilling, turning, etc.) on the same piece.

However, the space in the machine is sometimes minimal and the technician is unable to insert several tools at the same time during the placement phase.

What does that entail?

It means that the toolmaker will be forced each time to disassemble the piece, remake the placement and start again, and so on for each processing.

Do you have any idea of how much time is being wasted working in this way?

Do you have any idea of how much the cost of supply can increase for the final customer, if it takes so long to create a single piece?


SAU has found a practical and efficient solution to overcome these problems: we have created a department within the company, which deals exclusively with designing and making custom special tools for our customers, that have to do more work on one piece.

Read on and discover the advantages of building a special tool with SAU.

To whom are these special tools destined?



One of your clients just told you that he needs 1000 pieces of your latest product. The problem is that you will also be asked to reduce the costs per single piece, otherwise you will not be able to pay for the supply.

Your last product needs 3 different processes, but you do not have space in the machine to insert the three tools you already have and you should remake the machine every time to produce a single piece.

The piece would be cheap, but the series product costs you double.

This is a big problem!


The solution is to reduce production time, but how? Thanks to the use of a custom special tool that allows you to carry out more machining without wasting precious time in the equipment of the machine.

With 40 years of experience, SAU is recognized worldwide for its service of designing and manufacturing of custom tools..

In this article you will understand how our special tool design service is structured.


Special tools: how the service works 



How is the SAU service organized?

Once the request for the design of a special tool arrives, it is evaluated by the technical office and the agent, who knows the customer well and knows what he needs and what better to propose for his satisfaction.

The machines have different characteristics and sizes, therefore it is necessary to compare how to mount the tools, because the required solution reflects the expectations of the customer.

We study the specifications, the technical solutions and we send the economic proposal.

Once accepted, we move on to the Kiwa certified technical drawing and pass to the customer’s approval, without which we cannot proceed to production.

Once the tools have been made and delivered to the customer, when necessary SAU supports the company for the commissioning, with advices to carry out the best processing.

Special tools: costs and benefits 



We know how important it is for a company specialized in machining to evaluate the costs and benefits of investments, especially when we talk about small businesses.

On very limited production series, it is likely that it is inconvenient to make a special tool, while the return on investment is absolutely high, when it comes to medium-large series production.

The time saving in the machine setup allows to have a finished part in a short time, the investment in this case is more than amortized.

However we recommend it regardless, the decision is up to the customer. The construction of a special prototype is in any case an investment worth considering.

Special tools: turnkey service 

SAU is also able to carry out a turnkey service, so it studies the equipment for the grip of the piece, realizes the tools, programs the time of the cycle and defines the cost for piece.

Many small and medium-sized companies often need to rely on us for such a service.

Also do not forget that SAU is also experienced in the design and construction of special spindles and tool holders.


If you have a small or medium company specialized in mechanical processing and you need a special tool for your next production, trust those who in 40 years have been able to retain small and medium-sized companies in Italy and worldwide.

Our last advice, when you decide to ask for the design of a special tool, it is necessary to make a spare one, to avoid that for any unforeseen, your production must stop.

If you don't want to miss the chance to optimize production cycles and perform series processing faster, don't hesitate and contact SAU technicians.

The SAU team

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