New “heavy-duty” chuck range

Published on 16 June 2021

Heavy-duty HSK-A-DIN 69893, DIN 69871, MAS 403 BT, ISO 26623-1:
1. Reduced dimensions (length and external diameter) for a better balancing (G 2,5 till to 20000 rpm)
2. High rigidity of the chuck for a better performance
3. Perfect concentricity (0,003/0,004 mm 2,5xØ) for an increase in toollife
4. Increase of tightening force Max 1750 Nm
5. Suitable for endmills tools with cylindrical, weldon and whistle notch shank and for carbide drills
6. Coolant through the tool till 100 bar
7. Best clamping assured by alignment of notches (fixin ring nut/arbor)

To obtain a coolant flow up to 100 bar you must purchase the chuck with sealing ring.
To order this chuck you must add a final “f” to the selected chuck code and specify it when placing the order. 
For the use of the cylindrical reduction sleeves the sealing ring must be replaced with one of the same diameter as the tool chosen. The high clamping chuck is suitable for a coolant flow (up to 100 bar) both with directly shrunk-on tools and with bems cylindrical reduction sleeves.



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