Tangential milling cutters - Inserts for milling

Discover how milling cutters with SAU’s tangential inserts improve shoulder and face milling in your production cycles.

TANGENTIAL MILLING CUTTERS - Inserts for steel and cast iron


In this blog article we will talk about tangential milling cutters and the new SAU inserts for shoulder and face milling.  

If you are involved in metalworking, you will certainly know tangential milling, but you may not know the advantages it brings in optimizing production cycles, reducing the final costs of your company.

Here we will explain what it is about and you will discover the specifications and advantages of the SAU S9003 and S9004 milling cutters tangential inserts.

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How do tangential milling cutters work?


Milling cutters with tangential inserts are extremely versatile and can be used for both shoulder and face milling. 

What does tangential inserts mean? 

The inserts are not fixed on the radial axis, but tangential, ensuring greater chip removal and greater strength.

The structure and core are wider in the tangential milling cutters and offer a very stable housing for inserts with greater precision in milling. 

The milling cutter body is more robust and less discharged for greater overall stability and better insert durability.

Milling cutters with SAU tangential inserts


SAU is a company that produces and distributes tools on the market for more than 40 years and continues to innovate its range of milling tools to offer its customers more and more performing and versatile product

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We can certainly mention the S9003 milling cutters and the product variations among the shoulder mills. 

You can find them here.This type of milling cutter has a diameter ranging from 50 to 160 mm and is performed on forgings and fusion of steel and cast iron.

SAU wanted to expand its range of milling cutters and make them even more versatile.

Let’s see together the new milling cutters with tangential inserts S9004.

Milling cutters with tangential inserts S9004


SAU is finalising the new range of milling cutters with tangential inserts S9004, but what kind of tangential cutters are they?

The intended use of the new milling cutters is steel and cast iron which, thanks to the smaller inserts, have the diameters of the milling cutters starting from Ø20 to Ø80 mm and allow to work on even smaller surfaces.

The cutting of the inserts is more positive than the S9003 milling cutters, ensuring excellent performance even on very tough materials.

S9004 milling cutters are ideal for rough machining, on rough and forged castings, to obtain excellent surface finishes.

Specifications of S9004 tangential milling cutters



Depending on the machine-mounted spindle attachment, SAU tangential insert cutters are available with: 

  • Weldon attachment
  • Cylindrical attachment
  • Drag links
  • Thread attachment

Thanks to the small insert size, the S9004 milling cutters can fit up to 10 inserts.

Inserts with chip breaker . F51 are intended for milling on cast iron.


Advantages of tangential milling cutters

Before the advent of milling cutters with tangential inserts, there were often problems related to insert stability and machining precision.

With the introduction of this new milling cutter structure, we have seen significant improvements:

  • Greater insert stability thanks to tangential housing
  • Increased precision and robustness of the milling cutter body
  • Better fixing and durability of the insert
  • Faster advances
  • Less stress on the spindle
  • Easy access for screwing and unscrewing of inserts.

The distinctive feature of SAU tangential inserts and their ability to work with smaller diameters than other solutions make them ideal for smaller surfaces

Moreover, thanks to the more positive cut, they offer excellent performance on tough materials such as stainless steel.

The surface finishes are impeccable, ensuring the highest quality results

Areas of use of tangential milling cutters

Milling cutters with tangential inserts are used in a wide range of industries, from aerospace to automotive, including hydraulics, standing out for their extreme reliability.

Durability and customer reactions

SAU tangential inserts dissipate heat more efficiently, ensuring greater durability over time. 

Customer reactions were extremely positive, with testimonials confirming an increase in productivity and quality of workmanship.

Competition on the market 

We can confidently say that our milling cutters with tangential inserts offer very high performance. Thanks to our constant commitment to innovation and research, we are able to offer cutting-edge solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers.


Milling cutters with tangential inserts represent a breakthrough in the world of milling, offering superior performance, greater versatility and unmatched durability. 

If you are looking for efficient and reliable solutions for your milling operations, do not hesitate to consider our milling cutters with tangential inserts

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