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You are looking for a torque screwdriver to optimize the clamping of the TORX® and TORX® PLUS footprint inserts? You’re in the right place!

Thanks to the automatic adjustment, the DINAPLUS® torque screwdriver allows you to fix the blades without slipping or vibration.

The difference between a manual or electric screwdriver and a screwdriver with automatic adjustment is the ability to properly tighten blades, screws and bolts.

How many times your inserts have suffered a breakage?
How many times have you failed to tighten them properly?

In particular the tightening of tools with TORX® and TORX® PLUS footprint requires screwdrivers with adjustable torque force, so that they can be used for different blades.

In fact, the torque screwdriver has the ability to self-tighten the clamping force.

This means exerting the right high torque forces without the risk of damaging the footprints.

Discover in this article the advantages of the TORX® and TORX® PLUS footprint tightening.

Advantages and technical characteristics of the new DINAPLUS® screwdriver

Let’s see in detail the advantages of the DINAPLUS® torque screwdriver:

  • Rapid use, immediate adjustment, self adjustment
  • Better clamping of the blade
  • Use for more blades
  • Easier unscrewing, without clutch
  • Optimisation of the clamping effort
  • Longer blade and screwdriver life
The first benefit for DINAPLUS® users is definitely the speed of the screwing. The regulation of the blade clamping is immediate, because the screwdriver is self-setting.

Blades are calibrated in the most correct way, avoiding excessive tightening and the consequent breakage of the blades or the locking and breaking of the screws.
DINAPLUS® is equipped with a kit with a wide range of blades (T6-T20 / IP6-IP20), clearly identifiable thanks to a band of different color.
The technician will no longer have to use various screwdrivers, because he will have all the inserts available in a single solution.
The unscrewing has a 100% tightening torque. Forget the broken inserts and screws. Unscrewing will be quick and easy, because the clamping force is optimized, avoiding the cam-out effect.
The DINAPLUS® screwdriver is virtually eternal, indestructible, with a comfortable anodized aluminum handle.
The blades also have a higher strength. If one of the blades should break, you will have to buy back only that one, unlike a normal screwdriver that you should buy back in full!


SAU has set up the assembly lines of many multinationals and the advice of the specialized technicians is to use a DINAPLUS® screwdriver for each line, in order to speed up the company’s production cycles even more.

For more information about the use of the DINAPLUS® dynamometer screwdriver, and to know how it is used, do not hesitate to contact a SAU technician.

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