Carbide aluminium milling cutters: the new SAU milling cutters

Looking for a carbide aluminium milling cutter? Check out the new SMW3414 roughing cutter and SM3510 aluminium finishing cutter.


Those who work in metalworking know how important it is to use the most appropriate tools to achieve high quality results.

That’s why SAU has enriched its carbide milling cutter range with the new SMW3414 roughing cutters and the new SM3510 aluminium finishing cutters.

In this article we will delve into the exceptional features of these new milling cutters and focus on tool coatings and why different colours are used to distinguish them. 

Our goal is to guide you in the choice of the most performing tools according to your needs and to help you improve your milling performance by achieving increasingly satisfactory results, thanks to SAU products.

Milling cutters for roughing SMW3414

SMW3414 SGROSSATURA-B compresse

The new SMW3414 roughing and SM3510 aluminium finishing carbide milling cutters are the result of a careful and targeted development process, the result of collaboration with customers in the racing and aerospace sectors. 

These SAU collaborations allowed us to conduct in-depth tests and collect direct feedback from industry professionals, thus allowing us to respond precisely to specific high-performance needs.

SMW3414 roughing carbide cutters are designed to quickly remove excess material, ensuring efficient and accurate operation. 


Their design has been optimized to maximize chip removal speed and ensure smooth machining, even under conditions of high pressure and thermal stress.

These features make them ideal for applications where speed and performance are essential, especially in the racing and aerospace industry, where every moment counts and precision is critical to achieving high-level results.


SM3510 aluminium carbide milling cutters

SM3510_FINITURA-B compresse


SM3510 aluminium finishing cutters have been designed with the aim of offering superior finishes and performance on materials such as aluminium.

These cutters guarantee very low surface roughness and longer tool life.

The multi-layer coating not only protects the tools from wear and oxidation, but also helps to improve machining efficiency, reducing friction and optimizing heat dissipation. 

In conclusion, the new SMW3414 roughing and SM3510 aluminium finishing carbide milling cutters represent an advanced solution for milling needs in high-performance industries. 

Thanks to their innovative design, performance and advanced coatings, these milling cutters are able to guarantee exceptional results in terms of precision, efficiency and durability, allowing professionals to get the most out of their machining operations.

PVD- CVD - DLC coatings: which we have to choose?

rivestimenti compressa

The new SMW3414 roughing carbide milling cutters and SM3510 aluminium finishing milling cutters from SAU and the new coatings represent an advanced solution to improve milling performance on aluminium and similar materials. 

With their innovative design, performing performance, these milling cutters are the ideal choice for high-performance industries such as racing and aerospace.

Choose the new SMW3414 roughing milling cutters and SM3510 aluminium finishing cutters if you want to achieve outstanding results in your milling machining and take your production to a higher level than the competition.

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