Automatic vertical storage for tool management THE BOX

Is it possible to store small and medium-sized products taking up little space? The answer is the THE BOX vertical storage system

Many of you are familiar with manual picking, which is the daily picking activity of an operator who has to look for a product in stock.

A long, tiring and sometimes inefficient process.

The product or material is sometimes not placed in the right place, or is used at that time by another operator, or is no longer available.

In particular for those who work with tools, an activity organized in this way is no longer sustainable.

Warehouses for tool management

In the departments dedicated to precision machining, picking must be very fast, and it is necessary to know immediately where the tool is placed precisely, as well as to know its availability.

It is also useful to have a convenient and decisive picking station, even for quick assembly, such as tightening a tool to a spindle.

Among the various business needs there is to reduce the space of the warehouse for storage, to give priority to the machinery destined to the production.
A company that has dozens and dozens of small and medium-sized products needs to optimize the space for allocation, as well as optimize recovery.

SAU, with its forty years of experience in the production of tools, is well aware of these needs and has designed and built an automatic vertical warehouse to satisfy all of them.

A warehouse created by toolmakers for tool management.

What do we mean by that sentence?
That THE BOX is the only automatic vertical warehouse in the world specific for tool management.

We know exactly what are the needs of those who perform the machining and we have created from scratch a warehouse that solves them.


Optimizing the storage and retrieval of tools, by taking advantage of the height of the automatic vertical warehouse

On the market there are various types of automatic warehouses, but THE BOX is unique in functionality, structure and space occupied allows you to:

  • Optimize the picking
  • Optimize the stock management 
  • Optimize the management of storage space

Thanks to a totally customizable software, inserted in the same structure of the automatic warehouse, the picking is totally perfected.

Once you have found and selected the product from the screen, it will open only and exclusively the location of the product itself, and not the whole drawer, while the other locations will remain inaccessible.
Every withdrawal will be under control and it will not be possible to make other withdrawals without them being registered by the system.

A substantial difference compared to other automated warehouses on the market!

Picking is punctual and accurate with zero error. The software allows you to immediately understand if the product is available, by whom it was used (operator name) and if at that time it is in a particular department.

The BOX is a warehouse designed for a specific sector, it is not a readjustment of old distributors for general use, like other automated warehouses on the market.

It was born with the precise objective of optimizing the production processes of those who work with tools.

How much space does the automatic vertical warehouse occupy on the ground?

For the THE BOX automatic warehouse you need less than 2 square meters, because it takes advantage of storage in height.



The main module is 2,20 m high, while the double version 4,20 m.

In fact, it is completely modular and expandable, both in height and laterally, with modules that can be stacked and/or placed side by side.
If in the future there is a need for more drawers and other locations there is no problem, just expel The BOX with another module.

The drawers are also adjustable, thanks to removable separators, the locations are adaptable to the size of the product.

The real strength of the THE BOX vertical warehouse is the structure.
Its components are oversized with the aim of minimizing maintenance and possible downtime. THE BOX has a strength that lasts over time.

Customize the automatic vertical warehouse

THE BOX is customizable according to the color you prefer.

You can provide us the RAL of your company colors and we will customize it to your choice as you see from the examples in the picture.

Optimize the storage of your products and save space by exploiting the height with the automatic vertical warehouse THE BOX.

Contact us for all the information you need.

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