New “S9006..W-..-06” cutters for shoulder milling

Published on 14 April 2021

New 90° shoulder milling cutters with triangular double-sided insert (6 usable cutting edges)
Ranges available in cylindrical (Ø20-40), extra-long cylindrical (Ø20-40) and arbor shank (Ø40-100) version.

TNGX inserts l = 6 mm available in 3 grades:
-F5105 specific for steel
-F2330 specific for steel and stainless steel
-F2335 tougher grade, specific for steel and stainless steel

TNGX is the insert for shoulder milling with the cheapest price per cutting edge in SAU’s whole product range.

Despite its negative geometry, the cut is smooth thanks to the positivized rake angle.

All these features account for the long lasting performance of our S9006..W- ..06 milling cutter and its lower cutting parameters compared to our competitors.



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