SAU company has acquired the GIS srl Carpi-based company

Published on 22 July 2022

SAU company is glad to announce the acquisition of GIS Srl, a leading company in the production and sale of air compressors. 

Founded in 1956 by the Sgarbi family, GIS is known worldwide for the b of its products, the possibility of customization and the assistance and repair services. 

SAU has acquired 100% of the shares of the Carpi-based company, with a view to expanding the Group and differentiating the target markets. 

GIS has always had as its goal the continuous search for innovative solutions to meet the requests of customers, with a particular attention to the quality of life in its workplaces, thanks to the research and development of the soundproofing of its products and a vocation to save energy. 

The 2/3 of GIS production is intended for foreign markets, exporting to all continents. 

SAU, after the acquisition of the Gibellini Camera in 2018, the opening of the new department dedicated to 3D printing SAU Prototyping in 2019 and the entry into the group of the AGS Automation company, still expands its group with the acquisition of GIS, a company with which it shares the research for innovation and the attention to customer needs. 

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